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Oh, Hey!

I'm Kang Misun, a Korean girl who love write and watch drama.
I've been recently in a community... the subliminal community.
And now I just wanna tell to all of you that.... ILL NOT END THIS BLOG! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ.

I'll use this blog as my subliminal blog, and if you have any question about what I mean by "subliminal blog", I mean that I became a subliminal maker who'll also put subliminal i make in this blog.
dm me if you have any question, i'll answer to all of your question about what's a subliminal, what I do in my current life and if I love Dean, yes I do.

So yeah.
It was Misun Kang, thank you. :)

wHo Is MiSuN 21/04/2018

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