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나재민 + 강미선 |desired friend| Part. 1 13/07/2018


Our first meet. Just in the street. He was just buying some stuff in the depanneur alone. It was his first time coming here. I was buying some snacks. Then he recognized me from nowhere. 
-You're an SM Trainee, right?, he asked.
-Uhh Yes.
Then he removed his mask and it was him so I reconized him too. I wasn't really sure with his hairs and eyes, it could be anybody. And he putted it on.
I asked how he knew I was a trainee and he sais he saw me dancing some times with others trainee or alone. And he also saw me train. I was like ooh...
He said I dance really well, like extremely well, all I said was just thank you.
It looked like he really wanted to talk with me idk why. He asked me what was my favorite group and I said "I have 3 favorite boysband. First one is BTS, second one is NCT and 3rd one is EXO". Then he said he liked NCT a lot and I just made a shy laugh. And said EXO and BTS were really good. Then he asked who was my favorite in NCT. And I was like "should I tell him its him or no.... ughh" and Said I really like everyone and not sure about having a favorite one. But I really like Jisung, Lucas and.. Jae.. Jaemin?
And he literally choked. Idk if he was smiling. We didnt say nothing for almost 1 minutes and I asked if he wasnt supposed to go. He said "no, its okay". Then we leaved. And we talked a bit throught he has to go to his home and I had to go to mine too. But he stopped me and asked for my Kakaotalk. I gave him my ID and left.
We started talking a lot after this. Like, really a lot. We became kinda friends. And know we're kinda Best friends. Well, we're really close together. And he ever had a low crush on me but I was already taken so he gave up and forgot about these feelings. So yeah.. Me and Jaemin are only friends. Even tho I had a large crush on him even when I had my boyfriend, I really liked Jaemin. A lot. But.. after getting to know him, I think I'm better being his friend. He's not a bad guy, he's adorable, but I know that we're not meant to be me and him.

This was a script/LOA article
By Misun Kang



She got a good pussy oof.
Her pussy taste so good
People say that a friendship doesn't exist between girls an boys. I'm a girl, and she is. There's no friendship between us either.






He makes me uwu.
All I want was a little bit of his love
But I finally got all his heart



only. you. and me. and them.



I know I'm not alone.
I know I'm loved.
But I know I am not.
I'm going soon. Quitting everything. Starting a new life. Far away from all the monsters in my head.

Everyone has this someone special to make them smile when they're crying. I,, who's the person for me? I don't think I have one.